Champoeg Joins the Transcontinental Bluebird Trail
The North American Bluebird Society (NABS) has begin an effort to extend bluebird trails across Canada and the United States.  The Transcontinental Bluebird Trail (TBT) will encompass privately managed bluebird trails, as well as trails established on publicly owned land.  It will provide an opportunity for concerned citizens to support bluebird conservation efforts through an Adopt-A-Box program that will be publicized across the continent. 

The Prescott Bluebird Recovery Programís bluebird trail at Champoeg State Heritage Area has been accepted as the first Oregon member of the TBT.  In addition, to maintaining and monitoring the trail, we will be expected to participate in a coordinated research effort on a continent-wide basis.  Among the questions to be explored through information collected on the TBT are:

  • Which nest box styles and hole shapes are most effective in attracting bluebirds and deterring competitors?
  • What makes the most successful predator control?
  • Do geographic differences exist for nest box preferences?
  • What relationship exists between bluebird productivity and pairing of nest boxes?
  • What trends surface from data on clutch size and number of broods?

The official kickoff for the TBT is scheduled for May 20, 2000.  NABS will provide assistance with public relations, educational materials and media activities.  The second annual Champoeg Bluebird Festival will be held the same day to take advantage of the highly visible international publicity.

The Adopt-A-Box sponsored trails need to be in public open spaces like parks and greenways to ensure public access for conservation education programs; however, any NABS member can officially register their privately managed bluebird trail on the TBT.

We urged all of you who are members of NABS to register your trails.  If you arenít a member of NABS, this would be a great time to join.  A regular membership costs just $15 per yea, which includes a subscription to the quarterly journal Bluebird.  To join, send your check to North American Bluebird Society, PO BOX 74, Darlington, WI 53530.  For more information, check out the NABS website at

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